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How to create IG reels without video

Three Ways to Create IG Reels Without Video

Later, a social scheduling tool, just recently published a blog article with 10 easy ways to create Instagram Reels without the need or the budget for a video team. All great ideas, but by far the three best were:

Bring Tweets to Life

Screenshot a high-performance tweet and layer it on a black background. Find trending audio and loop it for 5-10 seconds. Make this your new go-to strategy and watch as engagement skyrockets with every post!

Make Memes

Leverage the power of GIFs and engage your audience by adding contextually relevant text and soundtracking it with trending music on a loop for 5 to 10 seconds.

Time Static Photos to Trending Music

IG Reels has templates built in that allow you to upload static photos and automatically transition them to the beat of a song. This is great for behind-the-scenes content.

With all the negative press and looming ban on TikTok, IG Reels are going to seriously contend this year, but not everyone has the budget to throw at creating consistent, professional video content.

How the Pro’s Do It

Hire a virtual assistant from UpWork to consistently execute the above three strategies. It might cost a few hundred bucks a month but allows you to focus all your energy on one platform you’re comfortable with (like LinkedIn or Twitter) while capitalizing on the organic reach from cross-posting repurposed content.

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